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Is your exterior wall looking old, outdated needing some care and attention? No matter what look you are after for your property rendering in Coventry we provide a quality material and a finish worthy of your home.

Rendering in Coventry

finished project for rendering in coventryRender is applied to the exterior walls of a building which acts as a protective layer resistant to the elements. This can add both insulation and a waterproof coat to the building. This system can also be used to up-date the appearance of your home, making it possible to cover up damaged or dated brickwork. The finish can be designed for any style of property. We can offer a variety of both smooth and textured finishes with diverse grain sizes, and we can use diverse techniques to the render copying original attributes the property might have, be it blockwork, stonework or shadow lines to replicate traditional ashlar. There is a vast range of colours available, we’re also able to match colours which might presently exist on your property that you wish to retain.contact us banner

Rendering in Coventry, Rendering in Surrounding Areas

External Rendering

Even though the construction method known as rendering is indeed a common choice for quality exterior finishes, many home-owners are probably not familiar with the benefits associated with this process. Due to the fact that a growing number of properties are selecting this alternative to provide their homes with a quality and weather-resistant finish, it’s wise to take a quick look at what this technique involves, the extensive benefits that it offers and the reliable materials we at AMC UK Developments Ltd will employ.

Rendering in Coventry involves applying a thin coating of a cement-like material directly over existing exterior walls and other structures; providing the home owner a number of distinctive advantages. Some of these will include:

  • An extraordinary choice of colours.
  • Adding a level of weather resistance to your home.
  • A wide variety of quality textures and finishes.
  • Renderings are highly water resistant and will help protect any exterior.
  • A finish that will last as long as the house itself!

K Rend Rendering in Coventry

Our supplier K Rend offers an extra level of durability that isn’t seen in many other products with the inclusion of silicone (excellent for waterproofing). Also, the sand used offers differing characteristics that range from fine and course. This will allow different looks to be attained very easily.

Before application, our staff will ensure that the exterior surfaces are clean and dry. This will allow the render to properly hold while preventing any air pockets from forming along the way. Our trained specialists will then apply the render using tools such as sponges, brushes and trowels to achieve the desired physical appearance.

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We use a variety of manufacturers and systems so there will be something which caters for your needs and budget. There are also many colours and textures to accommodate any property. All products we work with are expertly installed by skilled applicators. So if you’re looking for rendering in Coventry then please phone us or check out our contact page to organise a free no obligation quotation.

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project for rendering in coventry - image shows finished external rendering on house